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Philips Hue Warm White bulb (review)

If you’re just dipping your toe into the Hue ecosystem, and just want to start with the cheapest option, then these lights will do the job more than well enough.

The three basic types of Hue bulbs Philips offer are the full colour bulbs, capable of upto 16 million shades, the White Ambiance bulbs, which allow you to go between warm white (more yellow) and cool white (more blue), while their lowest price option is this, which just offers a warm white.

All these bulbs allow for dimming and remote control via your phone’s apps (Home, Hue etc.), via Siri or with the Hue Tap or the Hue Dimmer Switch.

The bulbs aren’t really as bright as some traditional bulbs, topping out at around 800 lumens, but when creatively placed or if in groups, like I have in our apartment, they’re more than adequate, and the savings made on electricity usage more than makes up for that.

As is the norm with Hue products, you’ll need the Hue Bridge to get things working, but that will also expose the bulbs to Homekit, which allows for custom actions, triggers and automations of all sorts.

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