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Incipio Commandkit Smart Outlet

Introducing the Incipio® CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet with Metering, a new way to make any home a smart home. Users can now experience plug and play home automation with virtually zero configuration using Apple’s HomeKit technology. Together with the Incipio CommandKit App, our adapters integrate with a variety of home appliances giving users the ability to wirelessly control all of their outlet powered devices at home or away.

Incipio® CommandKit was designed with a simplistic setup in mind. With zero configuration required, users simply connect their Incipio® CommandKit product to power and then to their home WiFi network. It’s that simple!


The metering feature allows you to monitor energy usage by logging the power used by devices plugged into the CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet. By tracking your device’s energy consumption over time, you may reduce usage and lower your monthly bill.

When combined with an iOS 8 or higher device, such as the iPhone 6, users can experience full device control utilizing simple voice commands using Siri. Giving a command such as, “It’s time to wake up”, instantly turns on your radio and lamp. Using the Incipio® CommandKit App, users can uniquely name rooms and devices allowing for specific voice commands, such as, “Siri, I’m leaving now.”

One of the many advantages of Incipio CommandKit products are the use of a WiFi connection. This gives users the ability to remotely access* their home automation devices from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Forgot to turn off your iron when rushing to work? Control this feature and more using Incipio CommandKit.

Accessories are a collection of Incipio CommandKit accessories a user has added to their home. A user can turn all accessories in their home on or off by simply toggling a switch within the Incipio CommandKit App or control by individually selecting an accessory as well.

The Incipio® CommandKit App allows users to create customized groups of actions called Scenes. For example, a user can create an Scene called “I’m Home” that turns on the entrance hallway lamp and living room TV. The user can simply tell Siri that “I’m Home” and the assigned outlets will turn on.

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