Laser Egg 2+ available soon

The successor to the very popular, HomeKit compatible Laser Egg 2 pm2.5 monitor will be arriving soon, and if you’re lucky enough to live in Taiwan, it’ll be available around the end of April from Origins Air (

As with the current product, the Laser Egg 2+ reads pm2.5 levels, in addition to temperature and humidity, plus a screen for local weather. However, the Laser Egg 2+ goes one better, by measuring VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), so you get TVOC Index reading (like an overall VOC reading), and VOC PPM reading (similar to a specific pm2.5 reading).

This advanced model is also HomeKit compatible, so it will easily fit into your HomeKit ecosystem, where you can create automations and scenes based on the readings from the device.

Being an owner of the current Laser Egg 2, I can say without hesitation, both products are a really important tool in your home, considering the issues we all face with pollution to a lesser or greater degree.

The Editor

Editor - Musician, graphic designer and HomeKit aficionado.