Elgato updates their Homekit Eve app to v.3.2

With this free update, enjoy a completely redesigned interface for setting up HomeKit automations. One that enables you to easily add accessory, location and time-based triggers to rules. And ultimately take full advantage of the most powerful features of iOS 11 – with absolute ease.

Eve 3.2 also makes it easier to set up Eve Button by letting you simply link scenes to actions, after which the necessary rules are automatically created for in the background for you. In addition, Eve now supports accessory types for irrigation systems, valves, sprinklers and showers. Air pressure measured by weather stations can be displayed in mmHG (millimeter of mercury). And Philips Hue White Ambience usability has been improved, along with VoiceOver support.

Last but by no means least, Eve 3.2 includes numerous cosmetic, performance, and technical enhancements. Enjoy!

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