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Philips Hue Lucca LED Wall Sconce

With Lucca, the Hue White outdoor wall sconce by Philips, you not only create pleasant light on the balcony and terrace when the dawn breaks, but also increase the security of your home environment. A schedule programmed with the Hue app, which you can adapt to any occasion and your individual needs, dictates when Lucca switches on and off – whether you are at home, shopping or on vacation.

  • Smart aluminum luminaire for outdoor use
  • White Ambiance for warm white light
  • Changeable LED bulb
  • Lighting schedules for home automation
  • Requires connectivity to a hue bridge *
  • Compatible with smart home systems such. Eg Apple HomeKit

Bright spots for a safe feeling
Experience how your home can be made even more comfortable and safe with the app-controlled Philips Hue outdoor lights. The dimmable LED light illuminates dark garden areas and backyards and shows you and your guests the way. With the Hue app on your smartphone, the lighting control is in your hands: program schedules and determine when the light turns on and off while you’re away.

Infinite possibilities
The Hue Bridge is and remains the heart of the Hue lighting system. It is the control panel that is connected to your wireless router. Connect the Philips Hue outdoor lamps to the bridge and discover endless possibilities: Control lights on the go and connect them to digital services. Expand your Smart Home with the outdoor range for the balcony, terrace and garden.

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