WWDC 2018: Apple Introduces Remote Control Support for HomeKit

Today at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose, Apple revealed that Remote Control support is coming for HomeKit. This bit of information was revealed during the HomeKit Deep Dive developers session, which was the only HomeKit-related session held at the conference this year. Adding in support for remote controls opens up many different possibilities for HomeKit, including, but not limited to, devices such as ceiling fans, fireplaces, televisions, and more if they are supported by an associated hub that will connect to HomeKit. The most popular remote control device currently on the market is the Logitech Harmony Smart Control system, which features a hub that allows existing devices, such as ones utilizing IR for control, to communicate directly with the hub which allows for control using a connected app. In fact, one user (Keliam) on reddit is already reporting that the activities (scenes) that they created with their Logitech Harmony system are showing up with the native Apple Home app.

3 thoughts on “WWDC 2018: Apple Introduces Remote Control Support for HomeKit

  • Really hope some decent HomeKit TV support comes soon. I’d rather have a retail solution than mess with Home Assistant etc. (but will if it doesn’t come soon enough)

  • Reddit user (Keliam) if you follow the latest replies now is assuming the activities are on homekit BUT via homebridge / home assistant … meh

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