Leviton Releases Firmware Update for Decora Smart Switches, Updates iOS App

[UPDATE: Leviton has provided releases notes for the update, which can be found here]

Today, Leviton released an update to their iOS app, bringing the app up to version 1.4.3. The app update brought along bug fixes as well as a new firmware update to the Decora Smart line of hub-less Wi-Fi HomeKit switches and dimmers. While details on the firmware update are presently unknown, we are hoping to see some of the line’s reliability and connectivity issues addressed, which we unfortunately experienced in our recent review.

The firmware update brings the switches up to version 1.4.13 (previous version was 1.0.9) and took around 5 minutes per switch to install. The firmware update process can be ran through a couple of different ways through the Leviton Decora Smart app. The first option is to simply tap on the settings icon in the top left hand corner of the app after opening it, and then by selecting “Update Firmware”. This option will allow users to apply the most recent update to all their switches at once simply by checking next to each of their switches. Alternatively, the update can be performed by selecting a switch on the home screen of the app, and then selecting the “Details” option. The update firmware option will appear at the bottom of the next screen. We performed the update via both options and found that update status, along with progress percentages were only displayed by using the update option found in the settings screen. After updating, the switch will reboot, and will resume normal operation.

9 thoughts on “Leviton Releases Firmware Update for Decora Smart Switches, Updates iOS App


    Just executed this updated on three of my (perfectly functional) Decora Smart switches today. After the update the switches didn’t work. I waited several hours and tried again. No joy. Then I cycled the breaker to the switches, which has frequently fixed problems in the past.

    All three switches’ LEDs now blink yellow and will not respond to any commands. The DecoraSmart app says “accessory is unreachable”. NO other changes anywhere on my 23-unit setup.

    Looks like the update bricked my switches.

    • At least you’re able to upgrade your dimmer’s firmware. Mine says “accessory unreachable” when trying (even when the lights are clearly on).

      Rebooted my Apple TimeCapsule, rebooted my iPhone.

      Hopefully this doesn’t coincide with being on a public beta of iOS 11.4.1…

      • Same issue for me. App states that accessories are not reachable. I am not able to update.

    • I had two bricked switches as well, the same yellow blinking as you. I contacted Leviton support and they sent me replacement switches. It was inconvenient but Leviton replaced them with no hassle at all.

  • Update was straight forward and everything worked immediately after.

  • Update to ios 11.4.1. The Decora apps no longer functioning. reinstalled and still does not work. Leviton, Please fix!

  • All I get is Cannot Update Firmware. I think I’m returning these.

    • Try resetting the switches by holding in the top/power on for 7 seconds and release when it flashes amber. If it starts flashing green rapidly then delete it out of the home app, reset again by holding power on/top for 14 seconds until flashing red and amber. Re-add to home and then update firmware.

  • I have (30) of the Leviton DH15S-1BZ 15A Decora Smart Switches, Works with Apple HomeKit and (10) of the Leviton DD0SR-1Z 120VAC Decora Digital/Decora Smart Coordinating Switch Remotes. I also have the Hunter Homekit smart fan, (2) KooGeek outlets, (4) Vocolinc outlets, (3) Kwikset Smart Locks, (2) smart shades, and an Ecobee 4 thermostat on my Homekit system. I have had this system up and operational for over a year. I have the RBR50 / RBS50 Orbi Mesh network. The one consistent thing about my system is that the Leviton Smart Switches always fail! Currently I have (6) of the switches that are not functining at all and another (2) of the switches that work for a couple of weeks then provide the dreaded, “Not Responding” message. I have done the firmware update. I originally contacted the Leviton support center about 8 months ago and have received limited feedback. None of which provided any assistance, just questions and indiaction that they are still researching my issue (for 8 months?). Why do all of the other product operate flawlessly on my system, but the Leviton switches don’t? LEVITON AND THIER SUPPORT ARE FRUSTRATING!!!

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