More HomeKit-Enabled Devices Emerging From Taiwan

It’s fair to say that while a lot of tech is made in the Far East, the general public in some countries in Asia, particularly Taiwan, haven’t been as fast to embrace Home Automation technology into every day life. That may all soon change now that HomeKit Software Authentication has begun spreading to new startups and established companies alike. One such company, also based in Taiwan, is called Dexatek, and they’ve recently unveiled a whole suite of products – all of which are HomeKit-enabled.

This ‘suite’ includes not only smart plugs (of which each region-specific plug type is covered), door/window and motion sensors and light switches, but also a selection of Air Quality Monitors and a smart keyfob-style  button.

What’s also interesting is that aside from all the HomeKit-Enabled devices listed, they’ve even have an IoT module on the site. What this would be used for and what it would entail is unknown at this time, but this could be a new development in terms making ‘dumb’ devices ‘smart’ after the fact.

It doesn’t appear as though any of these devices is actually available just yet, but considering their website proudly displays the Apple HomeKit logo in addition to claims of Amazon & Google compatibility, it’s only a matter of time before these products make their way into the stores.

Products like these are most likely going to be marketed to Asian consumers as DIY type products, which is also a slowly expanding area of interest throughout much of Asia.

You can check their range of items here on our site, as well as they company’s own website listed below.


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