Eve Flare now available for the European market

Today Eve, manufacturer of the Eve line of HomeKit devices has released their portable light, the Eve Flare, for the European market. The Flare is similar to the Philips Hue Go, in that it is a portable, rechargeable color lamp that can be controlled via HomeKit. The Flare offers up to 6 hours of illumination on battery power, and can be recharged via an included wireless charging base. The Flare also features IP65 water resistance, UV resistance, and a handle to allow for easy transportation or hanging, making it a perfect device for outdoor usage. The device uses bluetooth low energy for control via HomeKit and offers up 90 lumens of light, making it more of an accent light, and is not designed to light up a room. The Eve Flare can be purchased directly from Elgato, for 99.95 Euro.