Ikea Trådfri Firmware 1.6 and iOS App Update Release Notes

Today, Ikea released a firmware update for their Trådfri connected lighting system, bringing their HomeKit enabled gateway up to version 1.4.15. Ikea have also updated their iOS app for Trådfri, bringing the app version up to 1.5.3. Here are the notes provided by ikea:

New features and changes in Gateway: 1.4.15:

Stability and performance improvements in application connectivity to gateway.

Resolution of networking issues.

Improved stability and performance in communication with Alexa and Google Home

New features and changes in iOS app 1.5.3:

Separate door and panel onboarding

Added Home Kit reset button

While these additions are nothing major, it is always nice to see HomeKit specific updates, this time in the form of adding a reset home option within the iOS app.