Aqara Mini Switch

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch
One switch with four functions. Easily control other smart home devices.

Small Yet Multifunctional
Trigger different controls by single clicking, double clicking, long pressing and shaking. You can control four or more devices simultaneously such as single clicking to turn on lights in living room, double clicking to turn off lights in bedroom, long pressing to turn off all household appliances, shaking to turn on air conditioner.

Shake To Control High Precision Accelerator
Embedded with ADI’s high precise accelerated sensor, command will be sent as soon as shaking sensed. Easily shake the Wireless Mini Switch to turn off all the lights and household appliances before sleep. Gently shake it to close curtain and shutdown alarm mode when you leave home. This tiny switch makes your home smarter.

Place it wherever you want
Small and delicate, you can place it wherever you want. With square industrial design, you can place it vertically horizontally or attached on the wall.

Serves As A doorbell
Works with Aqara Hub or Aqara Air Conditioner Controller, it can serve as a doorbell while attaching on the wall. And the ringtones can be customized.

Serves as Alarm
When the elderly are sick or accidentally fall, a simple touch of the switch will notifies you through remote notification. Aqara Hub will send out sound and light alarm signal.

Smart Linkage Control
Works with more Aqara smart devices to create multiple scenes. e.g, single click to start the alarm mode; double-click to close the curtains and lights, long press to turn on the TV.

High Quality, Refined Technique
Aqara Wireless Switch is an innovative remote control switch with Zigbee wireless communication technology, which can be pressed for more than 50,000 times (2 years in normal use). Made of UV-resistant materials, the panel is fadeless. With the response time of 15 milliseconds, the switch provides you a rapid and convenient user experience.

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