AirPlay 2 support comes to Sonos speakers today

Today, Sonos, has released an update to its line of speakers enabling AirPlay 2 support. With the release, Sonos has become the first third party company to support the new protocol, enabling the company’s speakers to appear as targets in control center and allow them to appear as speakers within the Home app both built into iOS. This integration now creates the ability for users to summon Siri on their iOS devices to start and control audio playback to their Sonos devices. For example, the phrase, “play my favorites mix in the living room”, will start audio right on the Sonos device. The update supports the Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Play:5 and the Playbase, and is available for free today via the Sonos Controller app on the app store.

According to Sonos, once users have updated to their speakers, the speakers are not automatically added to the Home app. In order to have them appear within the app, users must use the add accessory option from within the Home app. Here are the steps to follow in order to have the speakers appear:

  1. Open the Apple Home app and tap “+” or Add Accessory.
  2. Choose “Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?”
  3. Tap the speaker you want to add.
  4. Pick the same room name used in the Sonos app.