Fibaro Heat Controller and Temperature Sensor Slated for Release Later This Year

Fibaro have announced today, via their website, a brand new HomeKit product, the Heat Controller Starter Kit. This set consists of a radiator thermostat valve, similar to Eve’s Thermo and the Netatmo Smart Thermostat, which also comes with a temperature sensor that features a design almost identical to the company’s existing flood sensor.

The Heat Controller includes convenient features, such as the ability to identify and diagnose potential issues with the radiator that it is installed on, motion sensing to prevent heating of unoccupied rooms, and the ability to utilize other temperature sensors to control the temperature of the room. Rather than rely on a numeric display for reading the temperature of a room, the controller has a built-in LED ring that changes color, as a way to quickly indicate how warm or cold the walls that the radiator backs onto are, which has an effect on the overall temperature of a room, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Fibaro claims that the Heat Controller is compatible with 98% of all radiators on the market, and states that the device can be installed without the use of tools in under a minute. In addition to HomeKit support, the Heat Controller is also compatible with Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa. The Heat Controller is listed as “coming later this year”, with prices and details to be determined.