Somfy Outdoor Camera, launching in September

Somfy, the U.K. based home automation specialist, has announced via their website, that their HomeKit-enabled outdoor camera is slated for release in September of this year. Sporting a design that is similar to typical outdoor lighting fixtures, the Somfy Protect Outdoor Camera, is just the second of its type to feature HomeKit support, following the Netatmo Presence, which we recently reviewed.

The Somfy Protect Outdoor Camera, as its name suggests, is designed to withstand the outdoor elements, featuring an IP54 weather resistance rating, has built in tamper protection and comes in two colors, white and Grey. Unique to this camera, is the built in 110 decibel siren, as well as zone-based motion sensing that incorporates heat detection and image analysis. The camera also has a speaker and microphone, which gives the user the ability to speak to those within audio range of the camera, as well as within the wide 130 degree visual range that the camera provides. Rounding out the camera’s list of features, is night vision, free video clips for motion events, and support for all of the major smart platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. The company has not provided details on pricing and regional availability as of yet, but we expect to see them announced soon with September being just around the corner.

2 thoughts on “Somfy Outdoor Camera, launching in September

  • Nice but What about Somfy HomeKit shades? It could be a nice 25% cheaper alternative to Lutron. Somfy also has DUAL roller shade options so you can get a combination of both room darkening and light filtering all-in-one.

    • Hi, unfortunately we’ve seen no further developments regarding the blinds in relation to HomeKit, but we agree it’d be a great addition.

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