Netatmo Announces Details of New Smart Smoke Alarm

Netatmo has announced the latest addition to its line of Smart products, namely the Netatmo smart smoke alarm, which comes with Apple HomeKit compatibility, which we listed on the site last month.

This new Smoke Alarm, one of very few with HomeKit ‘smarts’ at present, comes with an siren capable of up to 85db whilst also notifying you of any alarms or issues directly to your phone. The Netatmo Smoke Alarm also allows you to check up on the battery level via the Netatmo app or Apple’s Home app, although Netatmo claim you can get a full 10 years out of the battery before needing to change it.

For those that want compatibility beyond HomeKit, the Smoke alarm is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, and hopefully Google Assistant at a later date, no doubt.

The Netatmo Smoke alarm will have some competition when it arrives in October, with Eve having already released their Eve Smoke back in July and the even more impressive range of smoke alarms by OneLink/First Alert.

This particular device is yet to be listed or available for pre-order from the amazon stores, including, but we’ll be sure to update you as and when it becomes available.

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