Habitat H1 Smart Humidifer

H1 is adaptive and interactive. It gets smarter with each use, learning your preferences and helping you maintain the optimum humidity level in your home. Creating a healthier, more comfortable environment for yourself and your family has never been easier.

H1 reaches a new level of innovation and precision. The thoughtful integration of the patented pour over technology provides two very important but useful features; creating an air tight seal in the water tank and enabling you to easily replenish the water in the tank when it becomes empty.

There has never been a humidifier this simple to clean or fill. Full access to the water tank allows you to wipe down the inside like never before.

Filling the tank is no longer a task that requires you to maneuver under a faucet because of the large opening that becomes available by removing the lid completely.

The integrated water level sensor monitors the water in the tank and processes that information through an algorithm. This information is then sent into the cloud and published on the physical UI on the humidifier and the included app. WATER FRESHNESS, WATER LEVELS and TIME TO EMPTY are a few of the water attributes that you can monitor.

Transform your home into your personal aromatherapy oasis. H1 is a unique, stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home. H1 can infuse essential oils into any setting and create a spa-like experience throughout your home.

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