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Osram Smart+ Smart plug

    • Apple Homekit Accessories -> With this switchable adapter you can integrate non-Apple Homekit devices into your lighting control system.
    • Flexible Control -> Easily control your devices through the Apple Home App or Voice Command (Siri)
    • Meets all safety requirements -> overload protection, over-temperature protection and hot plug protection
    • The smart socket -> In addition to lights, you can also integrate all other electrical devices in your smart home.

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8 thoughts on “Osram Smart+ Smart plug

  • Hi, I have 3pcs this plug and work great in Hue app but can’t use it in my Apple Home app. Can You help me?

    Osram support give me only answer like this:

    Dear Mr. Radwanski,

    Thank you for your request.

    The Smart Plug is working with Siri. You can connect it to Philips Hue bridge as well.
    Best regards

    Daniela Bakytova

    Ledvance Smarthome Support Team


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    15.09.2018 12:31:00 REG_FORM_USR

    Email: iradar@me.com

    Title: Mr.

    Firstname: Marti

    Lastname: Radwanski

    Country: Poland


    Comment: The SMART+ Plug is working with Siri?

    I have Philips Hue bridge ver2.1


  • Hi
    I don’t really know a lot about this product, but from the description we got from their website, it should be compatible with HomeKit – https://smartplus.ledvance.com/products/indoor-lighting/index.jsp

    There’s no mention of different versions for HomeKit and other systems, so there must only be one version. The only thing I can think of is that you would need their hub (if they do one) to connect it to HomeKit. The other issue may be to do with going through the Hue bridge. Only Hue products that go through the Hue bridge will be recognised by HomeKit, so it doesn’t matter if Hue accepts it, HomeKit will not. I’ll see if I can find more information and get back to you.

    • Thanks a lot
      I’ll be waiting

      • Hi, it seems that the Osram site is a bit misleading, as when you click on the HomeKit section, it lists this product further down, but there’s no mention of HomeKit for this product. They do make a hub – the Lightify Hub – but this still won’t give you HomeKit compatibility. I don’t think it’s possible, but what is confusing is that Osram say it will work with Siri, but I don’t see how that’s possible. Sorry I can’t be of further help.

  • There is now a new Smart+ Plug HomeKit on Amazon.de

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for letting us know, we’ve now updated our listing. Thanks again.

  • Bought the Osram Smart+ Plug, as this is mentioned as being Apple HomeKit compatible as per their website https://smartplus.ledvance.com/products/indoor-lighting/index.jsp

    Didn’t get it to work with Apple HomeKit. It’s true, the package doesn’t mention it is Apple HomeKit ready.

    Then tried to hook it to the competitor’s app Philips Hue: that had no issue with their old rival’s product.
    Since rest of my home is Philips Hue, that’s what I actually use, instead of Apple HomeKit.

    Was about to send it back.

    So bottomline is if you happen to have Philips Hue basestation 2.0 you are good to go.

  • received following answer from Osram:

    To operate SMART+ products in conjunction with an Apple HomeKit system you need:

    – An iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with iOS 10 or higher (make sure you are using the latest iOS version in order to avoid error messages)

    – The Apple Home App (installed by default from iOS 10 on all Apple devices)

    – One or more SMART+ HomeKit lamps or luminaires (indicated by the ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ branding)

    Plug in Apple HomeKit version:

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