Vocolinc to Release First HomeKit-Compatible Diffuser

Vocolinc, the company behind a clutch of recently well-received smart plugs, light bulbs, power strips and light strips, are set for a ‘first’ in October, with the release of what is claimed to be the first HomeKit-compatible diffuser. If you’re wondering what a diffuser is exactly, it’s essentially an Aroma lamp, which traditionally would use a candle under a bowl to vaporise a mixture of water and oil. This device takes that concept and adds not only an electronic component, but brings ‘smarts’ too.

Currently there isn’t a lot to go on in regards to any additional features the diffuser may have, but it almost certainly has some form of internal light, so not only would it create pleasant aromas, but accent lighting too. The shape of the device, which Vocolinc have referred to as the ‘Flowerbud Diffuser’ definitely lends itself to a retro vibe, but not so much that it would stick out.

Vocolinc have informed us that mass production of the device will commence this week, with the product being available on in the second week of October. There’s no information on the cost of this device at the moment, but considering the prices of other Vocolinc products, we expect it to be competitive.

Besides the Diffuser, Vocolinc are also readying to move into the Smart Lock business, with their T-Guard tamper-proof Smart Lock.

More information on the Smart Diffuser once we’ve been able to review of the product.

If you head over to their Facebook page, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest information on the aforementioned products, and news.

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