Will iHaper Keep HomeKit Doorbell Dreams Alive?

iHaper, a recent startup company based in Japan (or China, depending on where you read about them), have issued a video via their Twitter account, showing their vision of a Smart House of the future, that includes a whole lot of tech, including amongst other things, a Video Doorbell. Got your attention yet? Currently, the only actual hardware they’ve made and is actually available is their Homekit compatible light strip, but check out the video below to see all of the devices that will hopefully be forthcoming;

Obviously, the products in the video are currently just concepts, if you’re to take in the fact that the whole  video is CGI, but it would seem that companies across Asia are slowly but progressively taking HomeKit seriously, seemingly without holding back on what can be achieved. One only has to see the range of smart devices Xiaomi have created in just a couple of years, to see that Asian companies really are beginning to push these boundaries.