Hue Outdoor Light Strips Now Available on are finally selling the Philips Hue Outdoor Light strips, after having been listed for pre-order on many of the European Amazon stores for a while now. The Outdoor strips come in 2metre/7ft and 5m/16ft options, selling for $140.40 & $224.00 respectively, and being designed for outdoor use, are waterproof to an extent. We’ve yet to see the other Philips Hue products, like the Hue Play Bar, the Hue Liane and Hue Sana Wall Sconces and Hue Sign Table and Floor Lamps to make an appearance, but these should hopefully follow soon after.

The UK Amazon will have these light Strips available to order from Monday, although they can be preordered as of now.

Increase your outdoor space with a Philips Hue LightStrip Outdoor (2 metres or 5 metres) and create atmosphere in places where it was not possible before. The LightStrip is flexible and gives perfect diffuse light: ideal for direct and indirect lighting.

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