Vocolinc Issue Video Promoting Flowerbud Smart Diffuser

Vocolinc have a video for their forthcoming Flowerbud Smart Diffuser, that has surfaced on a China-based smart home product distributor’s website today. DK-AI, based in China look to be distributing the Flowerbud for the Mainland China.

If you haven’t heard us talking about this particular device before, this will be the world’s first smart diffuser that works with all three major ecosystems – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and of course Apple HomeKit. The diffuser works by ‘diffusing’ a mixture of water and essential oils, to send out pleasant smelling vapours for your room. If you don’t use essential oils and just use water, it essentially becomes a humidifier.

All of this can be done via HomeKit with automations, triggers and schedules, with additional options available via Vocolinc’s own LinkWise app. The device also has a ‘mood light’ that also works in HomeKit, so adding to the beautiful design and aromatic possibilities, you have a focal point for your room too.

US Availability will be via, but the exact date auto when it’s due to go on sale is not clear.

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