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Xiaoyan Smart Home Suite – an Overview

In advance of our reviews of Xiaoyan’s suite of Smart Home products, here’s a short video giving you an overview of the 5 main products; the Home Center (hub), the Door Sensor, the Smart plug, the Smart Light Socket, and the Awareness Switch.

Xiaoyan are working on getting their products onto Amazon in the USA, but in the meantime their products are available on AliExpress.*

*We can’t vouch for the store linked above and cannot accept any responsibility for any problems that may arise from ordering via AliExpress or any of the stores it hosts.

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2 thoughts on “Xiaoyan Smart Home Suite – an Overview

  • Hi Simon,

    As you know i have just ordered 1x Aqara hub, 1x Aqara door sensor, 1x Aqara switch and 1x Aqara and 1x Aqara motion sensor 🙂 yes i will order more sensors later and extent my alarm system. Do you know if Xiaoyan door sensor work with my Aqara hub? It will be a better choice for the mailbox Project as it also have temperatur sensor right?

    • Hi Søren
      As far as I’m aware, the Xiaoyan devices will not work with Aqara, or vice versa, even though they are both Zigbee based platforms. both are closed systems in that respect. If you wanted a door sensor that is HomeKit compatible and also has a temperature sensor, the only other one I’m aware of is the Fibaro door sensor – https://homekitnews.com/2018/03/31/fibaro-door-window-sensor/

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