Wemo Update their Dimmer Switch – Now HomeKit Compatible

Belkin Wemo have updated their dimmer switch so that it is now compatible out of the box, via an OTA update that provides users with HomeKit compatibility via Apple’s Software Authentication method, rather than the MFi Chip that was previously required. Most of Wemo’s products were already compatible with HomeKit prior to this, but only via their Wemo bridge, but as with the update to their Wemo mini smart plug, this update negates the need for the bridge for the two devices.

This is a possible sign that many more devices will begin to appear on the market via the Software Authentication method, although so far it seems to have been restricted to just Wemo as of writing.

The Wemo Dimmer is part of a group of smart devices by the company, including a small selection of Smart Plugs and light switches, plus their bridge, which is still necessary for their other products, so if you’re planning on buying some of their things, bear in mind only two of their products are natively HomeKit compatible at this point.


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