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LiFX Beam

LIFX is renowned for the brightness and beautiful colors of it’s products and the Beam is no exception to this tradition. The LIFX Beam is exactly what it sounds like – a Beam – Like a long piece of wood, although it’s also a Beam like a beam of light. So that’s pretty good marketing on their part as well. Each Beam kit comes with 6 Beams and one corner piece allowing you to get a little creative and making sure that you’re able to incorporate the Beam into your own personal space and add a little flair. With the included corner piece, you can bend it around corners, or create T or L shapes. This makes it very flexible in where you can place it. The other great thing about the beam is that you have 10 colour zones per individual section of the Beam and the LIFX app paint function allows you to get as granular as you want in designing your light-driven mood. I’m a big fan of the LIFX products. They are definitely some of the more expensive options in the smarthome lights category, but in my opinion they are definitely worth it if you’re looking to treat your spaces like your lightscape.