POLL: What Are You Looking For in a Smart Power Strip?

Here’s a simple poll to get some ideas on what people are looking for in a smart power strip. The basics are that this power strip would already be HomeKit compatible, and each outlet would have an individual physical button to control the power to each outlet. The question is though, are 3 outlets enough, or would 4 be more preferable, and would it be a dealbreaker not having USB ports?

Give us your vote in the poll below!

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3 thoughts on “POLL: What Are You Looking For in a Smart Power Strip?

  • What I’m really, really looking for in a smart socket or powerstrip is a build in dimmer (like a lightdimmer lightknob for leds).

    I would love to control the brightness of my ‘normal’ lights through homekit.
    Philips used to have one capable of doing it, but they are not selling it anymore.

  • A much cheaper version would be appreciated. Won’t spend 60€ for a power strip with only 3 outlets. Two and four outlet power strips would also be a good extension of the HomeKit line.

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