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Ikea Trådfri Smart Outlet (UK/SG/HK version)

HomeKit support for this product is forthcoming.

Key features

  • With the kit you can use the on/off switch to turn on or off the device that is connected to the control outlet.
  • You can use TRÅDFRI control outlet to connect a coffee maker or other small appliances to the app and TRÅDFRI gateway so that the appliance can be turned on or off with the app’s timer.
Length: 100 mm
Width: 53 mm
Depth: 62 mm
  • You can wirelessly turn your lamps on and off.
  • You can add up to 10 lamps or smaller appliances so that all of them turn on or off at same time.
  • Max. output power: 2990W.
  • Standby power consumption: 0.3W.

Smart outlet – Ikea.com (UK)

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