Arlo Baby Cam Firmware Update Brings 5 New Features to HomeKit

Whilst the the Arlo Baby Camera was already a HomeKit Compatible camera, many of the features it carried where not exposed to HomeKit. However, the latest firmware update has now added support for 5 of these features, which is great news for people who have been using these cameras specifically for their newborns and wanted access to the additional features directly within the Home app.

These new additional features are as follows; Air QualityHumidity, a night light, temperature and motion.

As already mentioned, these features were available in the dedicated app, but meant opening a different app, so with the latest firmware update all the of the features previously unavailable are now under one roof, as it were.

Given all of the functions of the Arlo Baby cam, it certainly has a lot of extra functionality compared to pretty much every other HomeKit camera on the market, so this has breathed new life into an already fully featured device, held back by the limitations of not having everything available directly within HomeKit.

The Editor

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