‘DayView For Apple TV’ Update Includes HomeKit Scenes, Devices and Cameras

DayView for Apple TV

If you’re not aware of the DayView Apple TV app by Punya Chatterjee, then we think this new update will definitely grab your attention. The original release was a straightforward app that allowed for having a sort of ‘day view’ on your screen, including things like Google Calendar, local weather, commute info, stock etc. However with the new update, HomeKit gets a good look in.

The first big addition for everyone is HomeKit Widgets: Scenes, Accessories, and Camera. Right now, the only control you have over your accessories is to toggle them on and off, or to trigger any of your scenes. The camera widget will let you stream from any of your HomeKit cameras and you can select the widget to switch between them if you have multiple cameras.

There’s also a premium set of features as a US$2.99 in-app purchase, DayView Pro. The core functionality of this app is  free, but the Pro features include:

  • Multiples instances of the same Widget
    You can add as many of each widget as you like, with each remembering its own settings. You can have commute times or weather conditions shown for several places at once. You could fill your dashboard with different sets of stocks. You could separate your calendars into multiple widgets. It’s up to you what you want to see more of!
  • Custom Wallpapers: Aside from picking from the built-in wallpapers, you can now choose from photos in your iCloud photo library. After upgrading to pro, the Wallpapers button will now give you the option of picking from your library, and once you give it permission to access your photos you’ll be able to choose one. Currently, the photos are displayed chronologically, but there are plans to add picking by albums as well. Additionally, the developer is working on adding the ability to search for stock photos from


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