Mi Bedside Lamp 2: First Images

Eric Yao has managed to be one of the first people we know to get his hands on this latest device, and so has agreed to share with us some of the images of the product, along with screenshots from both the Home and Mi Home apps, in relation to the product itself. If you’re not familiar with the Mi Bedside Lamp 2, then it’s basically an update to their previous model, which also now includes official HomeKit support, as well as support for the Mi Home ecosystem – so the best of both worlds essentially. Check back for a full review soon.

Eric Yao

Occasional HomeKit reviewer, HomeKit addict, and Apple fanatic.

16 thoughts on “Mi Bedside Lamp 2: First Images

  • Ho, what are you using for the curtain and security system in the Home app screenshot?

    • replying on behalf of Eric – The curtain uses the Aqara curtain motor, and the security system is just via the Aqara hub, once it’s running in the Mi Home app.

  • Hi. This bedside works as a bluetooth hub, like the older model?

    • Replying on behalf of Eric – the bedside lamp does have bluetooth just like the previous model, so it can be used as part of a network for other bluetooth devices.

  • i have buy this lamp yesterday directly on the Xiaomi China store on alixpress..,

    15/20 days or more for had the lamp in Switzerland

    • Great, let us know what you think of it when it arrives and you’ve had time to test it out.

      • Yes no problem 🙂

        I hope Soon 😀

  • Good shots! One question, the lamp connects via WiFi directly to the router, or must be connected by ZigBee protocol to the Aqara Hub?? is the Aqara o Mijia Hub required for HomeKit compatibility? I look forward to the review!

    • Hi Gustavo,
      this lamp uses wi-fi to connect directly to your network, although it also has bluetooth built-in to act as a bluetooth gateway for other bluetooth Mijia/Aqara devices. It does not use Zigbee, so it doesn’t need to go through the Aqara Hub for HomeKit connection, as it’s already HomeKit compatible out of the box. A Review will be posted soon.

  • Just received today. Works like a charm.
    Super easy installation.
    Decent light level.

  • It works with Google home?

    • It should do, as stuff that is added to either Mi Home or the Yeelight app (it’s actually made by Yeelight from what I’ve read) can be added to Google Assistant too.

  • Does it have the BT gateway function for other Xiaomi devices like there was in the previous version?

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