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Onvis SMS1 Motion Sensor

  • Notification reminder You will get real-time notification in your iOS devices once movement is captured by the sensor, unlimited motion detection notifications, 100 recent detection records, 24/7 remote home security monitoring for kids, pets, elder people, etc.
  • Multi-purpose sensor Smart hygrometer thermometer, daily Humidity temperature and daily trigger activation records are automatically updated every 5 minutes and kept for 31 days; Access to Apple Home App or ask Siri for current room temperature and humidity, access to ONVIS Home App to check the temperature, humidity and motion records
  • HomeKit Automation This PIR motion detector acts as a remote trigger activated simply by movement; controlled via the Apple Home App or ONVIS Home App over Bluetooth, Siri voice control; setting custom scenes in your smart home system, for example, turning on the HomeKit lights and music if motion is detected
  • Compatibility Directly works with Apple HomeKit compatible devices such as HomeKit switch/plug/outlet/bulb/camera/lock, no hub required; requires iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 10.1 or later, Apple TV tvOS 10.1, HomePod (iOS 11.3 or later) as hub for remote control
  • Low Energy & Easy Installation The IR HomeKit motion sensor paired via 5.0 Bluetooth in HomeKit accessories, offers fast and stable connectivity, this low power sensor can be deployed anywhere; Powered by 2xAAA alkaline batteries for up to 15000 hours use; its remaining battery power can be checked on ONVIS Home App

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7 thoughts on “Onvis SMS1 Motion Sensor

  • Where can I buy this miracle?

    • It’s only available on at present. There’s a link at the bottom of the page.

  • Only work with motion sensor for automations? Temperature doesnt work to automation??

    • Hi Hector, you can create automations with temperature and humidity, but only via 3rd party HomeKit apps, like the Eve app for example. Once you create automations involving these sensors, they will appear in the HomeKit just like normal automations.

  • How I can put the battery in

    • Hi Josh,
      I’ll have an answer for you later today, as I just received mine yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to actually set it up yet. I have heard it’s not easy. I’ll get back to you later.

    • Hi Josh, in case you haven’t figured it out yourself yet, the battery compartment door is ridiculously hard to open. Not impossible though. I found that if you use the thin edge of a very slim kitchen knife, while pulling down on the door itself, you get enough space to get the knife edge in, and then pry it open. Not ideal, but considering the batteries should last unto a year, you won’t have to do it too often.

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