Yeelight Unveil More Smart Lighting at CES

Yeelight have unveiled a lineup of new products at their CES stand today, revealing not only the recently released Mi Bedside Lamp 2, and the just announced Mi Desk Lamp Pro, but also what seems to be a Mini Bedside Lamp and a Yeelight Smart Bulb – all listed as HomeKit compatible.

In the first of the two images above you can just about make out a sign showing the four main products – Desk Lamp Pro, Bedside Lamp, Mini Bedside Lamp, and Yeelight Colour Bulb, with the ‘Works With HomeKit’ logo in the bottom left corner.

Whilst we know that the products above will be coming with HomeKit compatibility – if the signage is to be believed – we’ve also learned that most of the current Yeelight products will not be getting any firmware upgrades to make them HomeKit compatible, so it looks as though Siri Shortcuts will be the closest you’ll get with these products being HomeKit.

Two other things that Yeelight are preparing for release are Bluetooth Mesh lightbulbs, which presumably create a bluetooth mesh network similar to the way that Zigbee bulbs extend the range of the signal with Hue lights for example, and a Bluetooth Smart Dimmer Switch. There’s no word on whether these will also be HomeKit compatible though.

Photo credits: Yeelight/Weibo

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6 thoughts on “Yeelight Unveil More Smart Lighting at CES

  • Nice article! Yesterday I asked Yeelight on Facebook if they will add HomeKit Support to older devices or not and they gave me a positive answer. I asked for the LED bulb (first generation) and for the lightstrip and they said yes. In fact, if you look at the photo with the iPad there is also a first generation LED bulb on the sheet. Btw, here it is their reply: “Yeah, it will be Robert, we’re in some final stage for the certification process with Apple HomeKit. Lightstrip and bulbs will support Apple HomeKit quite soon.”

    • Hi Robert, I hope you’re right, and the bulb in the image does look like a 1st gen Yeelight bulb. The contact who supplied me with the lead told me they’d spoken to Yeelight this morning via their forum and as regards the current desk lamp and HomeKit the answer was a definitive no. We’ll see what the truth is soon enough though! Hopefully you’re right.

      • We will find out! Have a nice day

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  • A guy (marked as Honor Member) on the Yeelight forum writes this comment: “Don’t worry, Homekit support it coming for all devices via software update much like what Ikea did with their smart devices. Its is currently being worked on. It should be release some time early this year.”

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