Forthcoming Aqara App Update Promises More Integration

[UPDATE] Alongside the update to the Aqara app, there will be a firmware upgrade to the Aqara hub itself. The firmware will be v.1.5.4, although as it’s still in beta, this could change. It’s also not certain at the moment if this firmware update will be available via the Mi Home app as well, although it’s highly likely that it will be.

While many people that are using the HomeKit-enabled Aqara hub have migrated over to the Mi Home app from the Aqara home app, we’ve recently been unofficially told that Aqara is planning to release another update to their own app, which should be out today for beta testers initially.

First and foremost, we’ve been told that unlike the current version, the update will be more akin to a fully-fledged 3rd party HomeKit app, along the lines of ‘Eve for HomeKit’ or ‘Controller’ for example. This wouldn’t seem a big deal if you already have any of these types of 3rd party apps, however, it seems that with this update, you should, in theory, be able to create automations with fully compliant HomeKit devices, to trigger non-HomeKit devices, like the Aqara AC Controller, or control HomeKit devices with say the Aqara Cube, which isn’t HomeKit compatible.

Speaking of the AC Controller, this will be one of the devices that will now be able to be added to the forthcoming updated Aqara app. Another device that will be able to be added will be the Mijia Hub. While this all sounds a lot like the things the Mi Home app already does, if the Aqara app can truly allow automations between HomeKit and Aqara/Mijia-only devices, this will take the app ahead, especially given that both the Aqara and Mi Home apps can add delays to automations, which is something not currently available in HomeKit.

The one thing that may still deter users, even if it does all we’ve heard, is that it will involve migrating back again, which wasn’t a great or successful experience for some. However, as soon as we’re able to test the beta, we’ll have more info and screenshots to share.

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3 thoughts on “Forthcoming Aqara App Update Promises More Integration

  • Probably the update will be released till 2nd March.
    After contacting Aqara support with login problems I received below answer :
    We have been upgrading the platform in the last two days. Please delay registration and upgrade the platform to provide more stable application support. Please understand, thank you for your support of our products. You can try again after March 2nd.

  • I got this new update to register the android app on it. It did not accept before.
    But I can not install the HUB with it.

  • Aqara is a pain in the ass!!!! I bought 3 Aqara hubs. The first was ok. firmware 1.4.2 then updated to 1.4.5 and later to 1.4.7 This firmware update has rendered the hub useless.
    Aqara never answered my mails or tweets. I bought 2 more to avoid any problem. I followed the updates thinking that the first one was a defective hub. Well… Aqara is defective, they don’t honor the guarantee. Later I received only excuses and of course accusing me that was my problem.
    Cheaper is expensive and we need to understand that. I’m trying to have a “smart house” for few bucks and the reality is other. I have only crap from Xiaomi and Aqara.

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