Mi Home Debut Smart Control Centre Device

Mi, or Mijia, depending on where you read about them, have already bombarded us with a couple of HomeKit devices in the last few months, but it seems they’re far from done. Their latest device is no less than a Smart Control centre, with a full-colour screen, microphones and speaker. The official name is the Xiao Ai Touchscreen Speaker Box (they probably need something a bit snappier…). From what we can gather, it’s also a hub that would act in the same way as the Mi Hubs that currently exist, albeit with a colour screen.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but this isn’t a large full-screen device just for a home hub of course, as it can act as a video screen for video playback, a music speaker and even voice calls. On top of that, you have an alarm clock, with what seems like different types of displays to choose from. It can also connect to the recently debuted Video doorbell, so you can not only get notified if someone presses the bell, but you can also see them on the screen. You can even send the smart display to a suitable Xiaomi TV/Set Top Box.

On top of all this, it can also connect to other 3rd party apps although judging by the logos, on display, these are mainly apps or devices based solely in Mainland China.

Clearly, this is aimed at the market already hosted by Google Home and the Echo Show, but there’s currently no word on price, unfortunately. However, if you’re one of those people that has delved into the Mi Home side of things to supplement your HomeKit home (addiction), then here’s hoping that the price is reasonable.

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4 thoughts on “Mi Home Debut Smart Control Centre Device

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  • Does it support Homekit?
    Really hope it can bring other devices to the screen.

    • Hi
      It’s not specifically a HomeKit device, but considering that it will run a copy of the Mi Home app, and the Mi Home app already has access to your HomeKit data, plus many devices now work with HomeKit via the Aqara Hub, it was included in our news section.

    • There is a device that can do it already.

      iPad, iPad mini, it will work even and way better than any of this standalone device.

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