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OSRAM Smart+ Indoor White Spectrum Light Strip

  • Works exclusively with Apple HomeKit
  • Very simple and fast setup: Upload your HomeKit compatible lamp directly in the home app without cloud interface.
  • Functions by default: On / Off; Dim up / down; Colour change; Device groups; Set-up scenes
  • Immediate Use: Control your lights with the Apple Home app or voice command (Siri)
  • Setup request: iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, iOS 10 minimum

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3 thoughts on “OSRAM Smart+ Indoor White Spectrum Light Strip

  • It seems that on different markets (depending on your country) this RGBW LED light strip is sold under the brand SYLVANIA (which belongs to OSRAM) and that many more options are then available there, with three different “starter kits” to start with:

    • Sylvania SMART+ ZigBee for Alexa/Google only (needs a compatible hub) : ref. 73661, EAN 0046135736612
    • Sylvania SMART+ Bluetooth for HomeKit only (no bridge): ref. 74521, EAN 0046135745218
    • Sylvania SMART+ Bluetooth for HomeKit/Alexa/Google (no bridge): ref. 75596, EAN 0046135755965

    + Sylvania SMART+ Flex Strip Expansion (two 2′ extension strips, expandable up to 20 feet, works with any of the three kits): ref. 73698
    + Sylvania Connector Kit (various X-cross and U-turn connectors): ref. 73826

    Moreover, the old names of the OSRAM/Sylvania “SMART+” range was “MOSAIC” and “LIGHTIFY”. They seem to be the same and sold in various packages; I don’t know if these older extension strips work with the new SMART+ controllers.

    • Yes it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out what the differences are sometimes, but it seems that generally, Sylvania is the brand name for Osram products in North America, while Osram is for the EU.

  • I came to the same conclusions. But it is a shame that newest ref. 75596 (compatible with three assistants Siri, Alexa & Google) is not available in EU with OSRAM.

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