Aqara Hubs and Sensors Now Available on Amazon

Aqara has, after various false starts, finally officially released their HomeKit compatible hub on, along with the Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor, the Door & Window Sensor, Motion sensor with ambient light sensor, the water leak sensor, and last but not least, the Aqara Smart plug.

It’s important to note that whilst the US version of the hub is now available on Amazon, there are still Chinese versions of the hub being sold, supplied with adaptors, so to avoid this, make sure you buy from the AqaraDirect store, which is the official Aqara Amazon storefront.

With the addition of all of these sensors and plugs, especially devices like the water leak sensor, a lot of Western companies may well start looking at revising their prices. For example, the Aqara leak sensor is priced at under US$20, while the Fibaro leak sensor is another US$50.00 more.

If you were to buy from places like AliExpress or Gearbest, you can get these even cheaper, although the delivery times are a lot longer and there’s the potential problem of returning faulty goods, that is not a problem when buying from Amazon.

The only device missing from the Aqara lineup of products so far is the Wireless Rocker Switch (single and double button versions), although the wired versions were never going to be sold in the US due to the different dimensions required.

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40 thoughts on “Aqara Hubs and Sensors Now Available on Amazon

  • Expensive products on Amazon than buying it in traditional Chinese stores like aliexpress bangood etc
    Why to pay more when you can get those products with free shipping and less USD ?

    • Some people prefer to have the device with a US plug. Additionally, if they buy from Amazon it will get to them quicker and if there’s a problem, they know they can either send it back or get a replacement.

    • It’s about warranty but these are not expensive anyway, so it’s okay to go with the China version for lower price.

      But I would still like to get another US version, it doesn’t hurt to have another night light/door bell speaker.

  • today aqara hub and sensors were added to mi home app US region 🙂

  • Do you need the hub if you are using the leak sensor his Homekit? Maybe it’s my poor reading comprehension but I can’t tell exactly. To me it sounds like you need the hub for automation (say, through an Aqara app, but not necessarily if you are operating it via Homekit.

    An I reading it incorrectly

    • Sorry for the misspellings… I need to learn to proofread before hitting Send 😊

    • Yes, you definitely need the hub for all of the Aqara switches and sensors to be exposed to HomeKit, as they only use zigbee to communicate, which is what the Aqara Hub uses. The hub then uses WiFi solely to connect to your network, and from there connect to HomeKit.

  • NOT available anymore on Amazon. They state they don’t know when and if the product line will return.

    • This happens to Xiaomi’s product very often too, like the 1080p camera.

      I have placed the order earlier this morning, I wasn’t able to locate it from Amazon searching, since I already have the Aqara hub and power outlet switch in my cart, so I was able to place the order, and I double check its from AqaraDirect store.

      Let see if it will be shipped today or cancel, will keep you posted.

      • I put a US hub in my Amazon cart on Sunday, and left it there, as I wasn’t sure I wanted it. Eventually clicked buy yesterday, and it just got shipped. Wants expecting an out of stock email.

        • Mine is just shipped and arriving tomorrow.

          I am sure it will be back in stock soon.

  • I have 1 at the office, very first version, 1 at my boss’s NJ house, 1 at their NY apt.

    1 Aqara Chinese version at home but no longer able to add in, the tech. support has no clue what to do which I am not surprised.

    1 more coming from Amazon now, Aqara US version.

    Can I just migrate the sensors to the new hub if they both are on the same network?

    I really don’t mind to use the Aqara Chinese version as a night light but I want to see some of the sensor in…

    If it still doesn’t work, I will just give up Apple and stick with Xiaomi system.

    • I still don’t know if all the device from China that works with the Chinese hub will also work with the US hub set to US server, and whether you will even be able to add the US hub to the China server, but we’ll soon know I guess. You’ll get yours way before me of course, so maybe you can let me know, as I can’t get anything out of Aqara right now.

      • It arrived last night, but I won’t play with it until the weekend or Friday night, will keep you posted.

        • So… I did a quick setup last night…

          I don’t think it works with China region…

          I was able to set it up and scan the homekit QR code, also able to access the hub with BUT not…

          According to the menu, I will have to set it up with, I will try it again this weekend.

          • Ok, thanks for the heads up. I suspects it might be the case. As long as the basic sensors work it’s not a bad thing, and as long as they get exposed to HomeKit, it shouldn’t matter what region they’re in, if you don’t really use the Mi Home or Aqara apps.

          • Just realised why you probably couldn’t add it to Mi Home outs of the box. It would have come with the original firmware (1.2.6 or similar) which means this is the firmware previous to the ones that allowed integration with Mi Home. I’m getting that once you’ve updated the firmware in the Aqara app, you’ll be able to add it to Mi Home.

  • I had some sensors in my cart on amazon. I checked it out last night and it’s now in shipment via ups. Am now thinking they did not sell out I don’t know why they took off there listings. I offered quit a bit of stuff too

    • I think it’s mostly the hub that has sold out for now.

  • OMG… the US version(came with 1.21) doesn’t work in region) even with the latest firmware-1.59.

    The setup is super weird, either I add it with or, they both ask for the Apple Homekit QR code first, after it added to the, then we blind it with the…

    The US version is able to move to the after I update it to the latest firmware 1.59 BUT it won’t work… I can’t get into the settings… so it can’t be the controller?!

    The US version work with either US or China region.

    I did not test the US region for because all my sensors/hubs are in China region…

    So I also reset my Aqara China version(fw-1.59) over the weekend… I can’t add it to nor

    This is the super weird part… I can give up but Aqara/Mi reuqired to add in first then sync(blind) to their own app?!?!?!?! Isn’t it the other way around?!

    • Hi, I received the US Aqara Hub today and added it to Aqara first of all, as this is the only way to update to 1.5.9, but yes I noticed that they changed the format slightly when adding the device.

      I’m not surprised that the US hub won’t work with the Mi Home app set to China, although it does work as long as you set it to US.

      Ultimately, you should be able to add many of the same sensors (even the Chinese ones) to the Aqara Hub set to the US server, but then if you have Mi/Aqara/Yeelight devices that only work in Mi Home and with the China server, then getting them to work with the US hub could be an issue.

      Not all is lost though, so even though you can’t open the settings for the US hub, if you add it to Mi Home app with the China server (Error 7 I believe), you can still use the hub in automations.

      • Remember I have a few other hubs?! I don’t want to switch around to view them, I want to see all of them under the same page.

        After you confirm it, I will return this US version and get another China version.

        I lost connection to all my sensors now and the Aqara support is bad like all the other supports, pretty much googling and the help from you is a thousand times better.

        • I remember you have a few, like me. Ultimately, whichever region you place this hub in within the Mi Home app, if you only use the hub or any connected sensors via the Apple Home app it won’t make any difference, as it’ll be exposed to Homekit anyway. It only becomes a problem if you want to access the settings for the hub in the Mi a home app. Which means switching servers if you go with the US server for the hub, or just living with only being able to create automations for the hub, but not access its settings, if you add it to the China server. The biggest issue with not being able to access the settings for the hub in Mi Home is the volume of the speaker. All other aspects, like the colour of the night Light can be accessed in Home.

          • I pass on for the, its just too hard to find out which party cost the problem.

            Like my Augustlock, it has latency when my wife uses homekit to unlock the door… its a huge latency… but at the same time when I use my phone to unlock with the, it opens right away, we both were in the same car and right next to each other.

            So since Xiaomi has the most sensors and most affordable, I will stick with the instead of now.


            These are what I have so far, more than half of them doesn’t support apple homekit.

  • Anyone have any idea why the Amazon listings are unavailable now? I ordered 2 door sensors when they were first available (after seeing this article) and I added another sensor to my cart along with the panic button and weather sensor a day or so after I received the first two sensors. They still show as in stock in my cart, even though the listing is gone. I moved the door sensor to my cart, bought another one and received it – but the listing is still gone. The panic button and weather sensor listings are also gone, but still available in my cart. Unfortunately I want more door sensors, hah. Strange!

    • You might be lucky and still get them. Maybe they reserve the units once they’re in the basket. I placed a hub in my basket, and left it there for 2 days. In the meantime it had sold out, but once I paid for my order, I still got the hub shipped later.

      • Hi Simon,

        Well unfortunately I don’t have the door sensors in my cart anymore. I only ordered an additional sensor a day or so after the original two – I wish I had ordered more. This order showed in stock in my cart etc., but if I clicked the door sensor it brought me to a listing page stating currently unavailable.

        I got the Hub when I ordered the original two as well. I only have the panic button and weather sensor in my cart but I don’t want those at the moment.

        It just seems strange that I was still able to order the door sensor, even though the listing is gone – meaning Amazon most likely still has stock but Aqara removes the listing.

        • Hi Joe,

          How are the hub and sensors you bought from the official amazon store? Do they work as you expect?

          • Hi Ray,

            Yeah they are from the Official AqaraDirect Amazon Store. They’ve been working great – no problems at all. I bought the Hub and three Door Sensors.

    • Hi Joe,
      I am looking for some door sensors too, reliable ones. The two you bought, they still working good? I didn’t notice it when they were available for sale, you guys were so smart.
      However, I heard someone got a hub and a few other devices through Aqara technical support, so I am emailing too, really need sensors for the door and windows.

      • The Aqara and Mi door sensors are cheap, reliable and super fast. Been using them for a long time now and no complaints at all.

      • Yeah they’re working great for me. I have lots of Leviton HomeKit dimmers and other HomeKit devices and I have to say, the Aqara sensors are the most reliable, in that they’re fast and I don’t remember seeing the dreaded “No Response” in the Home App. I bought the Hub and 2 door sensors from Amazon during that short window when they were available. Then just recently I grabbed 3 more door sensors from a seller on Amazon – these were the Chinese boxes but still the same sensors. I ended up taking these apart and wiring them into some existing outdoor motion sensors I have, that had existing wireless sensors. Anyhow, it worked great and now I have these exterior motion sensors on their own security system.

        • Awesome! Let me know if you find any any problem using them.

  • I tried purchasing hub starting on 4/1 and have never been able to add to cart, has been out of stock since then. I check 2-3 times everyday to see if available. Will Aqara ever release more product?

    • Yes, it will and shouldn’t be long. Appreciate your patience.

  • Hi all! I am Victor, from Aqara Customer Service. Glad to see you have great discussions here.
    We had a trial sale on US Amazon a month ago. We noticed many people here have bought the US version products from our official store. It would be a great pleasure if there is any question that we can give an answer to. Also, we are eager to have your valued comments on the US version products. We strive to give all of you a satisfactory user experience.
    Will pay attention to your posts here or any emails to

  • When will there be more stock on Amazon? I periodically check this page for updates and search Amazon, have considered buying on gearbest but I’d prefer to not have an adapter. Also I think there is a difference in which servers are available based on where it’s purchased?

    My Aqara devices are currently connected to SmartThings and bridged using homebridge. I’d like to eliminate SmartThings if possible.

    • Hi Eric, Aqara has said that more units will be available on “this summer” although when that will be is anyone’s guess. My advice is, if you are ok with putting the hub somewhere out of the way, then get the Chinese version. This way, if you buy anything as part of the Xiaomi ecosystem from any of the Asian stores, they’ll all work together under one server. If you’re only looking to use the sensors and a few switches, then being on the US server and using the US hub will suffice, if they do bring more out.

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