iHaper Introduce Smart Padlock and Lamp to Their Lineup

iHaper, one of the latest companies to emerge from China with HomeKit compatible products, are adding to their product line with two new devices, both of which will also be HomeKit compatible. On top of the two bulbs they recently launched (the soft white and full-colour E27 smart bulbs), the Smart Bulb socket, and their ‘cheap-as-chips’ light strip, iHaper are due to release a smart padlock, and a Smart Desk Lamp – the likes of which you’ve not seen before I might add.

firstly, the iHaper LED Desk Lamp is fully compatible with HomeKit, as well as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It can be disassembled and rebuilt in different ways for different tastes or usage, it comes with a built-in motion sensor, and it even comes with a detachable flashlight. The lamp comes with a touch-sensitive control built into the lamp itself.

The smart padlock, with fingerprint control, is the second device and does somewhat resemble the recent (but scarcely seen) Koogeek Smart padlock, but apart from the visual similarities, the iHaper website has no details at all, so it’s difficult to know the specs at this time.

iHaper have been listing their products on for a short while now, with the aforementioned Light Strip, bulb socket, Colour & white bulbs already available to buy, so we anticipate these will also be available in the coming months, although iHaper contacted us back in December regarding the lamp, so hopefully with these being listed on their website, any delays as a result of production problems, have been overcome.

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