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Aqara has apparently already released their Roller Shade Controller, although only in Mainland China, and only via businesses that sell blinds. So, if you need the motor only, it would seem, for now, you’re out of luck as the only way to get one is via companies that make the blinds to your spec, along with the motor(s).

There are a couple of silver linings to this grey cloud though, as Aqara are actively seeking contracts with 3rd party blind providers outside of China to take on this product as an option, as part of a given company’s ranges. In addition, we’ve been able to obtain some video clips (that we’ve stitched together) to show the different types of blinds the controller will work with – and it’s not just roller blinds!

The controller comes with a separate control device for manually raising and lowering the blinds. This control device is what connects to the Mi hub (and later on the Aqara hub) using Zigbee. Although we still don’t have a lot of details regarding this device, we do know that it runs via mains electricity, as opposed to the battery on the latest Aqara B1 curtain motor.

From the videos, we’ve been able to establish that the controller will standard material roller blinds, pleated shades, Venetian blinds including Venetian blinds that are enclosed in fabric gauze, and Sheer shades (also known as zebra shades).

As it stands, if you happen to be in China, while the controller does use Zigbee, it will only work with the Mi Gateway at present, not the Aqara hub, although we’ve been told by Aqara that both this controller and the previously reviewed B1 Curtain Controller will both get support for the Aqara hub, and therefore get exposed to HomeKit.

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  • Nice, I’ll need to see where i can get one here in Shanghai.

    I’ve gone advanced and moved to zigbee2mqtt now for the home backend, so less concerned about what its compatible with inside the mi/aqara realm.

    • It’s not released on the market yet. Stay tune.

  • Looking forward for this product since I plan replacing my shades soon. Also hope it will work with G2 Camera Hub with some updates. Currently not listed as supported sub device.
    Availability of control via English speaking assistant is also important (Alexa, Google assistant, Siri) but since this is only marketed in China I doubt there will be any support for this integrations.

  • Do you know where or when roller Aqara will be marketed in Mexico ?

    • Hi
      unfortunately, I have no information on this product at present. It’s still not officially available in China yet, so until then, there’s not a lot of info to go on.

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