Elizabeth Henley ‘Smart-Tilt’ Shutters Now HomeKit Compatible

With a recent flurry of news about smart smart blinds, smart curtain controllers and the like, along with the ongoing wait for Ikea’s window cover offerings, it’s quite easy to miss things. Well one company that until yesterday went unnoticed by ourselves, is Elizabeth Henley, based in the UK, who make hand-crafted smart shutter blinds. Their latest product, the Smart-Tilt Shutters come with Apple HomeKit support, making them the only Smart Shutter company in the UK to do so.

According to their website;

The worlds first smart shutter encompasses the latest technology. A microprocessor built Into the top of the shutter enables the shutters to slowly and smoothly close automatically at dusk and reopen at dawn. Smart-tilt® shutters are operated via wifi and powered by mains electric for reliability and efficiency. Smart-tilt® provides additional security to your home, as the shutters close automatically at dusk a cleverly concealed LED light fitted to the top of the shutter switches on giving mood lighting inside the room.Outside the home it looks like the house is occupied, Smart-tilt® gives a virtual presence to an empty house.

The company also provide their blinds in a selection of unique finishes;

Check out their promotional video below for an overview;

Elizabeth Henley told us that the original models came with 5megapixel cameras built-in for security and monitoring, however, this aspect of the design has been discontinued for the time being.

If you want to know more about these products, you can visit their website

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  • These would be 100% perfect is they were solar powered.

    • They’re made in the UK, so they don’t get a lot of sun 😀

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