Dyson Link app Gains Siri Shortcuts Support

Dyson, the company known for its award-winning products, have long held out, when it comes to joining the ‘smart home party’, although they are compatible with Alexa via voice control. That stance has now slightly shifted, with a nod towards iOS – not HomeKit support, sorry – but the next best thing (maybe); Siri Shortcuts.

NOTE: The information detailed below was taken directly from the App Store description for the app (and the update), via a desktop web browser. If you click on ‘More’ in the initial description, you’ll see a full list of devices that work with Siri Shortcuts in the app, which I’ve repeated below.

Siri Shortcuts has now made its way to the Dyson Link app, which you can use to control many of their connected devices, including their Dyson robot vacuum, the Dyson Purifying fan, Dyson heater, and the Dyson Light;

By connecting to a Dyson purifying fan or heater, you can:

  • Review both indoor and outdoor air quality information, in real time
  • Create a schedule, so your machine is on when you need it
  • Explore historic air quality information, and learn about your indoor environment
  • Remotely control air flow speed, mode, timer, oscillation and other settings
  • Receive software updates and access product guides.

By connecting to your Dyson robot vacuum, you can:

  • Control, activate or pause your robot, remotely
  • Schedule and track cleans
  • Switch between Max and Quiet modes, mid-clean
  • Explore where your robot’s cleaned, with activity maps
  • Receive software updates and access product guides.

By connecting to your Dyson light, you can:

  • Sync to your location’s natural daylight
  • Use preset modes – Relax, Study and Precision – to match your task or mood
  • Activate Boost mode for 20 minutes of bright, high-intensity light
  • Tailor light levels to suit you, by choosing your own Kelvin and Lux values
  • Receive software updates.

While this isn’t full on HomeKit, we’ve been cautiously optimistic about the take up of Siri Shortcuts as a step towards possible full HomeKit integration, which is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to start including products as a separate category.

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