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Busch-Jaeger Smart Switch

“Friends of Hue” smart switch. These elements will turn control of your Philips Hue lamps into sheer enjoyment. And that from anywhere in the room. Free and flexible. Completely wireless without batteries – by smart radio technology.

Busch-Jaeger and Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) have a common vision – the fully networked smart home, in which lighting can be controlled by remote access. For this reason, Busch-Jaeger, the technology leader of the smart home sector, is one of the first German manufacturers to enter into a partnership with Signify.

The objective of the “Friends of Hue” partner programme is to encourage companies to develop devices, applications and systems that interact with the leading smart lighting system Philips Hue. This includes many market-leading technology leaders such as Amazon, Apple and Google.

  • Smart light switch for switching and dimming Philips Hue lamps
  • Requires the Philips Hue Bridge v2 (rectangular shape) and the Philips Hue app (v3.2 or higher)
  • Call of individual light scenes
  • Control of a maximum of 50 lamps/25 “Friends of Hue” switches
  • Maximum functional security due to the Zigbee-Mesh technology
  • Batteryless technology
  • Zigbee green power, radio frequency 2.4 GHz; usable worldwide
  • Placement of an additional light switch at any point in the house without the need of wiring
  • Available in the carat®, Busch-dynasty®, pure stainless steel, solo®, Busch-axcent® and future® linear switch ranges.


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