GE Release New C by GE Colour Bulbs and Switches

General Electric, or GE as they’re more commonly known, have released two new colour smart bulbs, as part of the C By GE range. These bulbs join the already available Soft White and Tunable White bulbs they released late last year. The two models are a standard A19 sized bulb, and a BR30 bulb, both capable of the standard 16 million colours. Although these bulbs are still in the section of HomeKit products you’d label as ‘coming soon’ when it comes to compatibility, ostensibly, to get these and the other GE bulbs to work with HomeKit, you would need their ‘C-Reach’ Smart Bridge which connects the bulbs connect to via Bluetooth.

GE has also introduced a series of light switches, that, you guessed it, have HomeKit support as ‘coming soon’, so we’ll have to wait and see if they’re a ‘Netatmo’ brand or a ‘Ring’ brand… Hopefully the former, as the selection is quite interesting, and although the design of these switches is going to be to everyone’s tastes, they seem to have something for most situations.

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