More Details Emerge on Forthcoming Aqara M2 Hub

We’ve recently discovered more information on the mysterious new Aqara M2 Hub, which we previously reported on, after Aqara unintentionally revealed the new hub alongside other new products, via an update to the Aqara app, that have all since been removed.

What we do know so far is that the hub, which has the model number ZHWG12LM, will support Apple HomeKit and that it will work with the forthcoming T1 sensors Aqara have planned, which are compatible with Zigbee 3.0.

We’ve now since learned that device will not only use WiFi and Zigbee, but will also act as a Bluetooth Mesh hub, which Yeelight, another company within the Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem, have been working into their own products. As if that wasn’t enough, it would seem that the hub also has built-in Infrared functionality, which if you take it to its ultimate conclusion, could control any device that uses a remote control – TVs, BluRay players, AC units etc.

Other than this information, we still don’t know when the device will be released, and even then whether it will make it beyond Chinese markets, at least initially, but we’ll keep an eye on any developments, as we hear of them.

8 thoughts on “More Details Emerge on Forthcoming Aqara M2 Hub

  • Finally, the all in one hub for Xiaomi eco system. Especially for those Bluetooth devices.

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  • If one ignores the fact that these are Chinese firm and hence regarded by ‘The Donald’ as being purveyors of spyware then Aqara/Mi/Xiaomi produce an interesting very price competitive range of products.

    However I find them very frustrating and for the moment would steer clear of them.

    1. They should pick a brand and stick to it.
    2. They should provide local power plugs, as far as I can see their current hub has the plug built-in to the bottom and the only was to use it would be by plugging it in to a travel adapter – yuck!
    3. Their visual design is very inconsistent across the product line
    4. They don’t have proper distribution and sales arrangements outside China – somewhat ironic and even at their cheap prices this makes it too much of a hassle and risk

    • While I don’t trust China/Chinese companies any more than I trust a single thing that comes out of Trump’s mouth, I also don’t consider many of the Western companies very trustworthy with my data either – Amazon being ‘prime’ example (pun intended). I do agree on some points you make;

      1. Xiaomi is the umbrella brand, but Aqara, Yeelight and Mijia to some extent, are all separate entities that are part-owned by Xiaomi, so sticking to one brand isn’t what you think it is.
      2. Yes, it’d be better to have an adaptor that clips into the hub, and the US version was available for a short time, with the EU version soon to drop. The ones that have been floating around since the release last August are all meant for the Chinese market only, so for those of us that buy them knowing we’re buying a product not designed for our region/country can’t really complain. The forthcoming Aqara M2 does look as though it will have a separate power cord though, so it’s quite likely you’ll be able to just replace the cord with one that has the right plug for your region.
      3. The reason for the inconsistent design rests with point #2, and to be fair, they’re not the only ‘group’ guilty of this by any means.
      4. I’m no expert on distribution, but I do know that arranging these kinds of things can take a long time, but bear in mind that apart from the USA, there are many Mi Stores appearing everywhere right now, so distribution, at least for bricks & mortar stores, may not be an issue for long.

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