EU Aqara Hub Listing Spotted in Danish Online Stores

We’ve just been informed by a Facebook user (Thanks to Alexander S.), that the EU version of the Aqara hub has surfaced, is available to order, and is listed as being available in the next 3-5 days. One store pointed out to us that has the new EU hub listed as such, is called and has the hub’s list price as DKK599,00 which is roughly €80,00 – so not exactly very cheap!

Stores in Sweden that have had the EU hub listed for a while now, have most recently stated that the hub will be in stores no earlier than June 7th, so this all could just be false alarms, as many stores in Sweden for example, have had the EU hub listed for a while, only to have the availability date constantly put back. The only real source we think we can judge as trustworthy right now though is Aqara’s Swedish distributor, who have just put just recently pushed the release date from June 6th to June 14th.

If at least any of these various June dates are to be taken seriously – and don’t shift – then this would mean that the Aqara hub will be in the hands of at least some EU citizens very soon – we hope…

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3 thoughts on “EU Aqara Hub Listing Spotted in Danish Online Stores

  • I asked Aqara via Facebook less than two weeks ago. They said they still weren’t sure on the release date, and that it may still take a couple more months. Fingers crossed…

    In the meantime, the Aqara hub has became visible as a device that can be added to the EU server when using the Xiaomi Home app. From the app it’s impossible to tell if this is limited to the EU version or if any version of the Aqara hub can be used with the EU server.

    Has anyone had any luck setting up the regular / Chinese version of the Aqara hub with the EU server in the Xiaomi Home app? Cause if that works, I could care less about the physical plug of the hub and would rather order 2-3 Chinese hubs on Ali Express.

    • at you can bind chinese version (aqhm01) to cn server only, while us/eu version (aqhm02) you can bind to us/eu server interchangeably.

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