Savant Remote to Gain HomeKit Integration, Including New Soundbar

Savant is uniquely embedding their Smart Home Software in the Savant Smart Soundbar. This market innovation brings Siri Voice command functionality and HomeKit compatibility to the Savant connected home experience. The Smart Soundbar is the first of many advanced audio products to become available from Savant that directly control HomeKit and Savant third-party devices using Savant smart home software running inside.

Combined with Savant’s already impressive roster of 3rd party integration partners, effortless control of HomeKit compatible devices such as door locks, smart thermostats, light bulbs and more is just a voice command away utilizing Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, HomePod and now through the native voice button on Savant’s Pro Remote.

Home Entertainment with Siri
Thanks to IP-based integration with Apple TV, Savant users will enjoy easy and intuitive control over media player commands such as (PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT, SELECT/MENU, ETC.) and direct access to the Apple TV HOME SCREEN and NOW PLAYING commands. Using the Savant Pro Remote with its powerful voice engine, users can enjoy push-to-talk voice control via Siri.

The Savant Pro Remote
Unlike any other user experience for the Apple TV, the award-winning Savant Pro Remote is the most intuitive human interface for entertainment systems and smart home functionality featuring an app-driven platform and the perfect blend of hard buttons, touchscreen interface and voice control. Having already delivered native integrations with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants to the Savant platform, users will now have access to Siri-based voice control of Apple TV using the Savant Pro Remote. Savant users can now simply ask Siri to find a movie, an album, an artist, a playlist, a streaming service and more.

This new functionality, which includes Apple HomeKit integration with hundreds of smart home devices, represents one of the most requested features for this product by Savant customers worldwide and is easily configured by Savant’s iPad-based Studio app and Blueprint Software. With the recent introduction of Savant’s standalone lighting, climate and music apps, users benefit from unmatched functionality and enhanced integration with Apple TV and HomeKit.

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