Air Purifier Manufacturer Brid Introduce New Colours

Brid (a division of Atellani), the startup based in Milan, Italy, last year brought out arguably one of the most stunning looking Air Purifiers on the market, complete with HomeKit compatibility. The product is fairly different to most air purifiers currently available in that it doesn’t use a replaceable filter, instead, relying on a ceramic filter, which, according to the company is the most advanced air purification filter on the market. The filter is activated by visible LED lights thanks to its precisely engineered nano-structured surface. Pollutants don’t stick to the filter, they get broken down by the photocatalytic process.

Now they are currently in the process of deciding on two brand new colours as part of the Brid Air purifier line, in anodised finishes – Anodised Blue and Anodised Red – both of which take the aesthetics up a notch once again. They’re currently polling data via the Indigogo platform on which of the two finishes is most popular, which could mean that they ultimately only go with the more popular colour of the two, although that’s not clear right now.

The current range is also customisable in terms of finish, so you have a choice of Pure Metal, Clear White and Oak, or Solid Clear White. Having been one of Brid’s early beta testers, I can personally attest to both the quality of the product and how well it really works! If you have any comments or questions on the product itself or have an opinion on the new colour finishes, feel free to post your views below.

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