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Eve Energy Strip

Since first announcing the Eve Energy strip at IFA last year, this is one of those products I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I’ve found that I never seem to have enough smart plugs around my house. Power bars are something we all have, typically hiding behind curtains, or pushed underneath a desk or table, but the Eve Energy strip is a power strip that you will be looking for the right place to show it off.

Since releasing the Eve Degree sensor, Eve has been steadily updating all of its products into the Black and Aluminum aesthetic to really give the entire line of products a modern look and feel. When comparing the Eve Energy Strip to the other Homekit capable power-bars, the major thing missing are the USB ports. Although this could be viewed as a negative, I actually applaud Eve for sticking to their design vision and providing a device that I would be looking for the right place to show off to guests. Having extra USB cables hanging out of it would have just destroyed the sleek lines and I’m thankful that the Eve design team stuck to their guns.

Although the Eve Energy strip definitely has the feel of a product built for adults, it’s not totally unaware that there are typically children in the house as well. In the case of the Eve Energy Strip the child-lock mode, which can be enabled from the Eve Home app, allows the adults to disable the buttons on the Energy strip ensuring that little fingers don’t accidentally turn things off they shouldn’t be.

Although the Eve Energy strip is a bit more expensive than the other Homekit options available, I firmly believe that the design allows them to charge a small premium. If you’re looking for a homekit compatible power-strip that you can hide behind a curtain, you might be better served to look at the Vocolinc PM2/2E or the Koogeek options. But if you’re looking for a sleek sexy power-strip that you’re not afraid to let your in-laws see, you can’t go wrong with the Eve Energy Strip.