Long Overdue Koogeek Environment Monitor Listed on Amazon

China-based Koogeek started out with a bang a couple of years back with quite a few great products, including a couple of smart plugs, power strips, colour bulbs et al,  but have been relatively quiet for most of last year, despite various new devices appears online, like the proposed Koogeek L1 Door Lock for example, that Koogeek now say has been shelved, or the Koogeek KC01 Smart Camera, that has been floating around the internet for over a year, with ne’er a whiff of a release so far.

However, one such device that has been listed on the Koogeek site for a while, seems to be slowly emerging into online retail, with a listing for the A1 Smart Environment Monitor on and, although at this time the Amazon listing states that the product is ‘currently unavailable’. AliExpress has two listings – one at the i3C Store for just under US$80, and Koogeek’s official AliExpress store – selling at almost double the price, at just shy of UK£120 – but listed as ‘sold out’.

If you’re not aware, this device measures the air in your home, reporting on PM2.5 and PM10, Humidity, temperature, VOCs, in addition to an ambient light sensor, motion sensor and sound sensor. So, with these kinds of specs, it should be a popular item. One odd thing we noticed with the Amazon listing is that the product image is slightly different from the one used on Koogeek’s own site. If you look at the light/motion sensor at the top of the front face, the Amazon image has a series of dots encircling the sensor. This could be for sound detection, or it could be merely decorative. There’s no way to tell at this time, and even which version is the current or official version. Either way, we’ll never know if Koogeek can’t let us buy it.

The KC01 Smart Camera isn’t listed on Koogeek’s public facing site, although it did appear on a hidden page within the site, that listed many of the yet to be released products. Interestingly, a manual for the camera has surfaced via the website, which reveals that the manual was uploaded as recently as April of this year, so there may yet be hope for the camera after all.

The Koogeek FL1 Fingerprint Lock has had a similar history and has finally made its way to and AliExpress, but with little to no announcements or fanfare on Koogeek’s part, which is very odd. Nonetheless, we have one here and will be reviewing it soon. Maybe we’ll eventually be able to say the same for the A1…

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5 thoughts on “Long Overdue Koogeek Environment Monitor Listed on Amazon

  • My koogeek products are the least reliable of the 30+ devices in my home from five different manufacturers

    • I’ve got the smart power strip and it’s been really, really solid! I can’t comment on most of the other devices however.

  • Looks pretty cool! I just found it in the official Koogeek store on Ali – for 134€.
    Much too expensive for now.
    I have approx 5 HomeKit plugs, another five Alexa-only plugs and a power strip.
    All are excellent!
    They are great in power plugs but not good in lightning bulbs and strips. I had two bulbs which I removed because they are not reliable and a lot worse than Hue. Same for the lightning strips. I still use two but one is regularly not available.

    Based on my positive experience with all their bulbs I would really like to try the Environment Monitor. But I will wait for the price to drop.

    • … positive experience with their plugs, not bulbs, for sure …

    • Yes, my Koogeek Power strips have been very reliable. I can’t complain about them at all. Same with the smart plug with night Light.

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