Yeelight Announce Release of SLISAON Smart Lighting Solution

On June 9, the leading smart lighting brand, Yeelight, held its launch event themed “Light the Life, Explore Beyond” in Guangzhou, China. On the launch event, Yeelight launched its innovative SLISAON smart lighting solution as well as HomeKit product series. Meanwhile, Yeelight also announced its Chinese brand name “易来” (meaning Smart Lighting Made Easier) during the event. According to Eric Jiang, Founder, and CEO of Yeelight, “through constant enrichment of product packages and improvement of lighting design solutions, Yeelight aims at providing more human-centric and convenient smart lighting experience for the whole house.”

Yeelight’s launch of SLISAON smart lighting solution
Founded in 2012, Yeelight has been long committed to exploring leading technologies and creating high-quality lighting experience and luminous environment for users worldwide. On the launch event, Yeelight launched SLISAON smart lighting solution with the introduction of Flex switch, which represents an innovative solution to enable Smart Lighting IS Always ON.

FLEX switch, with SLISAON technology inside, aims at solving the user pain spot that when the wall switch is turned off, smart lights would be powered off, become off-line, and lead to the failure in smart control of the lights (App control, smart speaker control and remote control of the lights cannot be accessed with the lights are powered off). With FLEX, the lights can remain online to ensure its smart control through the App or smart speaker, even after the wall switch turns off the lights. All the smart control operations with the lights, such as colour temperature adjustment, brightness adjustment, group control, etc. can be accessed.

Besides, FLEX can also control non-smart lights. The FLEX is creatively designed with a little red-dot gadget inside to realize a convenient shift between the traditional wall switch supporting the non-smart lights and the smart wall switch supporting the control of the smart lights. Meanwhile, FLEX has different models available, including one-gang switch, two-gang switch, and three-gang switch.

It is apt to say that FLEX is a “golden match” of smart lighting products, promoting the popularity of smart lighting into more and more families. Either when the children mistakenly touch the switch or when the elders tend to turn off the light to save electricity, SLISAON solution enables smart lighting always online, providing you with uninterrupted convenience and fun. On the launch event, Liu Daping, Co-founder, and President of Yeelight demonstrated multiple functions of SLISAON solution and Flex switch and said that the launch of SLISAON and FLEX would play a key role in building Yeelight whole-house smart lighting system.

More new products supporting HomeKit would be launched in Q3
Statistics show that Yeelight smart colour bulbs and Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip have been the two most popular products with the largest overseas shipment among the products delivered by Yeelight.

Previously, these two products support IoT platforms, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Mi Home for hands-free control on the brightness, colour temperature of the smart devices. On the launch event, Yeelight has brought more surprises, announcing that these two products will also support HomeKit. In other words, users only need to upgrade the firmware (without the need of purchasing extra accessories or the latest products), then they can connect Yeelight smart lights with HomeKit. Compatibility with HomeKit further enlarges the users base and applicability of Yeelight, since the technology provides a more effortless and secure way to control home lights from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

On the launch event, Yeelight also announced that it would introduce HomeKit-support BLE MESH gateway and more smart lighting products compatible with HomeKit in Q3 this year at an attempt to satisfy more diversified smart lighting needs in the IoT era. It is reported that Yeelight has been acknowledged as the smart lighting brand in China with the best compatibility with the IoT, which can support mainstream AIoT platforms at home and abroad, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, DuOS, and Tmall Genie, etc.

According to the statistics released by P&S Market Research, the global smart lighting market is expected to skyrocket from 2.21 billion USD in 2014 to 59.19 billion USD in 2020, registering a compound annual rate of growth of 17.8%. With the increasing maturity of 5G, AIoT, and other technologies, the smart lighting industry has ushered into the fast track. Yeelight Launch Event suggested that technology and product enrichment would hopefully become a booster of its future development, enabling more users to enjoy the fun of smart lighting.

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