New Aqara Smoke Sensor to Use SIM Card to Communicate

Last week we reported on a forthcoming Aqara Smoke alarm/sensor that was discovered by one of our sources. Now it seems we’ve discovered a little more about this device, thanks to a hidden FAQ section that, amongst other things, makes mention of the fact that this smoke sensor will use a SIM card to communicate, which is a first (as far as we know). This method of communication seems limited to Chinese telelcomms companies, and is unlikely to appear in devices meant for international markets, if it does ever get an official release outside of China, but the device still uses ZigBee 3.o as well, so this may be the only method of connection for versions outside of China. Aside from that point, here are a few more morsels of information on the new Aqara Smoke alarm;

  • The speaker can generate an 80dB alarm, whilst there’s also a built-in light that flashes red in the event of smoke being detected.
  • Aqara Smart Smoke Detector (NB-IoT) is different from other Zigbee sub-devices. You don’t need to bind to the gateway. You can add equipment to your home.
  • Aqara Smart Smoke Detector (NB-IoT) currently supports China Telecom’s NB-IoT network band, and the networking function of the device requires the operator’s network coverage support.
  • The Aqara Smart Smoke Detector is CCC certified and is a device with a national fire compulsory product certification. The theoretical design life is 7 years. The battery life of the smoke detector is designed to be 2 years, depending on the environment and network environment.

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