Ikea Release Advert showing Glimpse of Fyrtur Smart blinds

Ikea Denmark has just posted a new, short video giving viewers a brief glimpse of the company’s Fyrtur Smart Blinds as well as the already released (albeit in limited form) combined Symfonisk Smart Speaker/lamp.

In the first instance, this can be read that this is in preparation for the proposed European launch of the blinds in August, as this is the first example of a proper advert from Ikea for both products, especially when you read the blurb associated with the video;

The small paragraph of text, in Danish, when translated says;

Get more out of your mornings and wake up fresh and well-rested to the tones of your favorite music. With the SYMFONISK wi-fi speaker and lamp (which you can combine with the remote-controlled blackout curtains for an even better effect), you can design a musical sunrise that will make you long to wake up. See more at

Although this advert asks you to go to the Danish Ikea site to learn more, there seems to be no listing for the smart blinds, only a page for the Symfonisk speakers, for which there’s also a promotional video.

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